What to wear to stop traffic

Hello ! Have you ever dreamt of making everyone stare while you strut the street, causing all the Toyotas to freeze when you cross the road ? Well, this might be your lucky day ! Learn how to cause a scene wherever you decide to grace the streets with your presence. The basic component of this outfit are these black jeans with an extravagant neon yellow lining. They seem to have been left in the hands of an eight-year-old-schoolboy who found it amusing to violently slash your jeans with his highlighter. To complement this vibrant hue, add more neon but be careful, you don't want to look too much like a safety jacket. As a finishing touch I suggest investing in a good moto-style coat which shouldn't be too difficult as they seem to be proliferating in about every high street store. Mine is from Zara and might prove to be my all-time favorite coat ever! So remember, to turn heads this fall, dress as a traffic sign.
I'm wearing a Gap sweater, Forever 21 jeans, Zara boots and coat


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7 Responses to What to wear to stop traffic

  1. You're hilarious! :) And super stylish too, love this outfit!

  2. I absolutely love your coat. Great and unique outfit!!

    xx Ellie

  3. Nice look, I love the jacket and boots!


  4. BIG LIKE !!!! Black + Neon , J’ACHÈTE !

  5. Très jolie tenue, j'adore ton manteau :)


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