What to wear to the zoo

Hello ! Today we are learning to dress for a very special occasion: a trip to the zoo. The zoo has a different meaning for everyone, weather it be a dreadfully boring experience staring blankly at a couple of giraffes hoping to be entertained by their leaf-munching, or a fantastic immersion into the world of exotic animals (a.k.a feeding goats with tiny pieces of brown crap), putting together a zoo-appropriate outfit might make your outing a bit more BEARable (me pointing out my pun is a desperate call for recognition, I concede)
So for this outfit you will need a couple of leopard garments.Don't be afraid to cross the matchy-matchy line, it's the zoo after all. Just be warned that you may get asked on a date by a leopard, in this case, please do not freak out, they have great table manners.
I'm wearing a vintage jacket, Gap sweater, Urban Outfitters skirt and Senso shoes

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5 Responses to What to wear to the zoo

  1. wooow.. nice dress..
    like TRIO MACAM.... haha (from Indonesia)^__^V

  2. Sooo cool! The shoes are insane! I love your style, it's awesome x


    1. Thank you so much ! Yeah I got these shoes for my birthday :)


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