What to wear Christmas Edition: Santa Claus

Hello ! Did I ever let you guys know that all I want for christmas is you ? Well, now that you are aware of that it is your turn to confess your love to me so we can all move on to today's subject. Soooo, since it's the beginning of December, the only month you are aloud to listen to Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé sing about the joys of decorating a tree, I thought I'd reiterate my Christmas Edition tradition.
You might argue that I'm a bit early to join the festivities but my motto is : "It's never too early to dress as a fictional obese old man whose best friends are dwarves wearing a pointy hat" This isn't actually my motto. And sorry for the eight-year-old who is reading me, no, Santa does not exist. Get over it. 
Having said that, you can still bring Santa Claus to life by dressing in a crisp red coat and putting on your silliest Santa hat. I could have dressed in green and ignored the impact of Coca-Cola on the legendary character's attire but then again, I enjoy my glass of Diet Coke on the rocks once in a while when I'm feeling down. I am not sponsored by coke even though it would be quite nice to have a fridge stocked with this tasty fizzy drink all year round...(Hi Coca-Cola, if you are reading me, which I doubt you are, please sponsor me. I love you. My wallet doesn't)
I am wearing a Gloverall coat, Zara sweater, Zara jeans and Topshop boots


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11 Responses to What to wear Christmas Edition: Santa Claus

  1. Hahahah if little kids read this post Ohmagad poor kids ahaha , likey !

    You're still marvellous !

    Bisous, A


  2. You look gorgeous in red. I love the coat! xx

    - Victoria

  3. Just wow, love it so much

    Merry christmas.

  4. Très jolie tenue, j'aime beaucoup ton manteau et ton jean est vraiment beau :)


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