What you could have worn in the sixties

Hello world ! Imagine if you could turn back time and relive, or live if you are an ignorant teenager like me, the best decades in the twentieth century ! Wouldn't that be grand? I'd say it would. So let's start by the 60's, era of PVC dresses and go-go boots. My interpretation is slightly toned down as I live in Paris, city of the I-only-wear-black-white-and-grey people. Sure, I will probably stand out in this outfit but it's only for the sake of putting myself into Twiggie's shoes (fiiiiine I may not have her legs)(but please let me pretend).
I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters sweater and socks, Zara skirt, H&M jacket and Preen x Aldo shoes



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3 Responses to What you could have worn in the sixties

  1. those shoes are gorgeous. xx

  2. I love your style, tres chic!!
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  3. love this outfit!



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